All Things Bamboo!

All Things Bamboo!

Bamboo is an incredible fabric and here at Mebie Baby we have a wide selection of products made out of bamboo! 

A few of the items we offer made from bamboo: swaddles, headwraps, knot hats, knot gowns, crib sheets, and zipper footies. 

Bamboo fabric has so many amazing qualities: 

  • lightweight stretch fabric for swaddling those perfect newborns
  • highly breathable material 
  • material that helps regulate temperature
    • gives some warmth when you're cool and dry which is the greatest to have during spring and fall 
    • helps you cool down when you're warm and sweaty making it the best fabric for summer
  • moisture is absorbed from the skin unlike synthetic fabrics that keep it trapped
  • durable but remains soft to the touch

Bamboo swaddles are not only great for swaddling newborns, but they are a big size which makes them great for blankets through the toddler years! We have lots of colors to offer in this fabric! Shop Bamboo Swaddles here! 

For those newborn babies and babies up to 3 months, bamboo knot gowns are the best clothing to have! These gowns are extremely soft and keep your little one comfy. There are fold over hands and the bottom can easily be tied and untied for diaper changes. They are the perfect no fuss diaper change outfit for newborns, especially during the night! There are lots of color options to choose from and even accessories to go with. Shop Bamboo Knot Gowns here! 

Another great bamboo outfit is the zipper one-pieces! These have a double zipper that zips from top and bottom so its easier to change diapers. In sizes up to the 3-6 month, there are hand cuffs to keep those baby nails from scratching themselves. Once they are bigger and possibly walking, the 6-12 and 12-18 even have foot grips! Zipper one-pieces are perfect as pajamas, loungewear, and even outfits that can be worn out & about. We also offer head wraps and newborn hats to complete the outfit! Shop all Bamboo Zippers here! 

To go along with your favorite bamboo outfits, Mebie Baby has bamboo headwraps! Bamboo head wraps are incredibly soft and can be resized to fit lots of ages. The neutral colors match our stretch knot gowns and swaddles. The colors of these also coordinate with other products we offer so you can mix and match! Shop all Bamboo Headwraps here! 

Looking for an accessory for that newborn boy? The bamboo knot hats are perfect for the hospital and first three months. They are so soft and stretchy. The bamboo fabric keeps them plenty warm but not overheating. The best part is they match our swaddles, knot gowns, and zipper one-pieces as well! Shop all Bamboo Knot Hats here! 

For the nursery, we have bamboo crib sheets! They are soft, easy to wash, and a great solid color to match the nursery! The qualities of the fabric make these an incredible option for your baby or toddler to sleep on every night! Shop all Bamboo Crib Sheets here! 

 If you like easy options, we also have sets that come with a bamboo swaddle and hat or head wrap! These are perfect for gifting and using in the hospital for first pictures. Shop Bamboo Sets here! 

 Shop all Bamboo Basics here! 

Our newest bamboo addition is our bamboo quilts! We designed these with comfort in mind in gender neutral colors for all babies and toddlers! The soft stretch fabric makes these quilts perfect for snuggling at home or on an outing. Mebie Baby Bamboo Quilts currently come in olive, mustard, and oatmeal. Shop Bamboo Quilts here!