Easter Basket Ideas

Easter Basket Ideas

Easter is coming up fast and it can be so easy to get swept into the trinkets sold around the holidays! An Easter Basket can be filled with useful summer things for babies and children.

The basket is clearly the starting place and we love this wired basket from Target! It is metal so it should last many years! The white minimal look makes it so you could even use this basket around the home! Shop the Hearth & Hand Wire Easter Basket here! 

The kids always look forward to getting a new swimsuit in their Easter basket every year! The new Mebie Baby Swimsuits are perfect for babies and toddlers! There are two piece suits, rashguards, and swim shorts! The swim collection is made of high quality fabric and timeless designs that will last! Shop Mebie Baby Swim Collection here! 

With a new swimsuit, sandals for summer are needed! These leather sandals from Deer Grace are our preferred summer shoe! The neutral look makes these perfect to dress up or down! Along with the classy look, these sandals are so quick and easy to slide on for any baby or toddler! Shop Deer Grace Black Desert Sandal here! 

Shop other styles of Deer Grace Sandals here! 

Another accessory to add for summer- sunglasses! These Deer Grace sunglasses are so cute! There are lots of color options that are still neutral enough to go with any outfit! Not to mention how comfortable these are for little faces! Shop Deer Grace Sunglasses here! 

For the little men, hats are so needed for summer days! It can be hard to find a hat that fits babies and toddlers well! These hats from Cash and Co look clean and stylish! The color options and fit of these hats are sure to be a hit with both kids and mom! Plus they have adult options for matching! Shop Cash and Co Hats here! 

Since this is an Easter basket, it only makes sense to add in a bunny! These stuffed bunnies are so cute for all ages! We love the neutral options as well as options to personalize the bunny! Shop Jellycat Bunny here!

Another useful but fun item to add to your child's Easter basket is a new silicone bib! These bibs make meal time so easy and are quick to clean. They also come in a variety of colors for both boys and girls! Shop Mebie Baby Silicone Bib here! 

To go along with a silicone bib, new silicone spoons are perfect for growing kids! You can mix or match the spoons with the bib! The Mebie Baby silicone spoons are soft and comfortable, and extremely easy to clean! Shop Mebie Baby Silicone Spoons here! 

Now that we have the Easter basket all done, let's go over options for Easter Sunday best! 

For little girls, we love the Mebie Baby linen dress! These come in sizes 0-3 up to 4T. This dress is perfect because it can be used again after Easter! Shop Mebie Baby Linen Dresses here! To top off the girls outfit, you can add a Mebie Baby headwrap and Deer Grace sandals! 

Shop Mebie Baby Headwraps here! 

For the little boys, linen overalls are the perfect choice for Easter! A simple shirt underneath makes for an easy and simple outfit that is classy enough to wear for Easter Sunday. Plus it is cute and comfortable enough to continue to wear after the holiday! Shop Mebie Baby Linen Overalls here! To finish the outfit, we would pair with a Mebie Baby shirt and Deer Grace sandals. 

Shop Mebie Baby Shirts here! 

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