Neutral Nursery Design

Neutral Nursery Design

Designing a nursery that is stylish and functional for your home is easier than most think! Find furniture that fits the space and main color scheme you would like to start your base off of. Then from there you just need to find subtle pieces to add. It also helps to work the items you need daily into the decor so blankets, clothes, etc. are easy to access with newborns and babies! 

Finding neutral colored changing pads can be hard! Some of our favorite choices are highlighted in this nursery. Mebie Baby changing pads are so soft and breathable. They are also extremely easy to wash and put on and off. Our pines changing pad adds the most subtle design to any nursery. Another great choice for changing pad cover would be our grey dash muslin changing pad. Grey dash can go with any decor and is so cute for both boys and girls! Shop All Changing Pad Covers here! 

Swaddles are so important to have on hand with newborns! We love having both muslin swaddles and stretch swaddles available in the nursery. Each type of swaddle is fit for different times of day or different temperatures as well as activities. Muslin and bamboo swaddles both have perfect lightweight fabric and come in lots of gender neutral designs! Shop All Swaddles here! 

Having a warm blanket on hand for both mom and baby to be able to snuggle up to in the chair while reading books is something that easily gets overlooked. Our favorite blanket is the Mebie Baby plush blankets. They come in a few different colors and different sizes; lovey, child, and adult. The best part about these plush blankets is that they are so versatile they can be used in the nursery as well as the living room and bedroom. Shop Plush Blankets here! 

Filling your child's nursery drawers can also feel overwhelming in the beginning. Our zipper footies make it an easy one stop shop for finding essentials for your newborn. The colors we offer are mostly gender neutral making them great for any baby. The double zipper and feel of the fabric will have you buying more! Shop Zipper Footed One Pieces here! 

If you are looking for neutral wall decor for any nursery, these digital downloaded prints are perfect! We love the aesthetic of the ABC's and 123's that make it so easy to integrate any color scheme. Shop Alphabet and Number Prints here! 

To add some fun and personalization to a nursery, we love this ottoman used here. This cute rhino ottoman is sturdy and close to the floor for little ones! The neutral green helps it blend into the nursery and is easy to decorate with. Shop Rhino Ottoman here!  

Accessories can be functional and stylish! We love these faux leather pillow covers used in this nursery. Not only do they look good, but they are easy to clean up. Shop Faux Leather Pillows here! 

Along with the cute decor and necessary items for a nursery, it's also a good idea to have a place for baby to play. We love how this nursery setup a corner of toys for baby to play with at their level. The bookshelves on the wall are also a great addition to have books readily available for reading at night or anytime of day with the baby as they grow. Every nursery has a different setup to fit their needs and we love seeing how our customers design theirs! 

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