Mebie Baby Muslin Swaddles + a How To Swaddle Guide

We are featuring our muslin swaddles today because they are perfect for the upcoming warm weather. We love how breathable and soft they are for your little one! There are so many uses you can get out of a muslin swaddle. They are used to cover carseats/strollers while the baby is sleeping, to cover while breastfeeding, kids love them for a comfort item, and of course to swaddle your new baby! We made sure to make our swaddles a good size. They have the perfect amount of muslin fabric to keep your little one snug and feeling secure! 

Floral Muslin Swaddle & Waffle Knit Quilt Mebie Baby, baby gift

Meadow Floral Muslin Swaddle

What are some benefits of the Muslin Swaddle?

  • Mimics the womb making your baby feel safe and secure
  • Light weight and breathable, yet keeps your baby warm
  • Prevents your baby from waking themselves up when they have spontaneous sleep movements (the moro reflex).
  • Reduces the chance of SIDS, this keeps your child from the blanket covering their face, while still keeping them warm.
  • We have beautiful patterns that fit well in the home.
  • The muslin swaddle is perfect to be later be used as security blanket
  • Gets softer with each wash (and lets face it, baby blankets need to be washed a lot!)
  • They are the perfect gift, muslin swaddles are a newborn necessity! 

 How to swaddle a baby, how to swaddle a newborn, newborn tutorial, mebie baby

How to swaddle a baby, how to swaddle a newborn, newborn tutorial, mebie baby


****Make sure their hips can move and that the swaddle is not too tight. You need to be able to get at least two to three fingers between the baby’s chest and the muslin swaddle.


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