Minimal & Modern Nursery Inspo

Minimal & Modern Nursery Inspo

Have you been on the search for the perfect nursery for your incoming baby? Designing a nursery doesn't mean you should be stuck with traditional boy/girl bright colors. Subtle items can add to the nursery while keeping it minimal and modern! 

The best warm, cozy, and neutral colored crib we have found and love is this one from Restoration Hardware! The subtle ash finish makes color coordinating options in this room endless. Clean lines make for a modern look in quality material. Going with a well built crib will outlast the wear and tear that even babies bring! Shop the Restoration Hardware Landry crib here! 

Another quality furniture item we enjoy from Restoration Hardware is the Landry Dresser. We like to not only use it as a dresser, but also a topper for changing babies! The flat-front drawers with small metal pulls keep a modern and minimal design look while allowing enough options for pairing the rest of the room together. Continuous opening and climbing on dressers from little ones means it is well worth getting a good heavy duty dresser from the start. Shop the Restoration Hardware Landry Dresser here!

Our absolute favorite crib sheets are soft, breathable, and easy to wash! Mebie Baby's Taupe Checkered Crib Sheet is a gorgeous neutral design that works for both boys and girls! It is incredibly easy to put on and off the crib mattress. This print matches plenty of colors while blending in nicely. Shop Mebie Baby Taupe Checkered Crib Sheet here! 

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Wanting to add a pop of color into your nursery? The Mebie Baby Changing Pad in Olive Strokes is a great addition! Our changing pad covers are soft, breathable, and easy to change quickly! The prints Olive Strokes and Taupe Checkered can be interchanged easily without having to change more décor. The colors compliment each other extremely well. Shop Mebie Baby Olive Strokes Changing Pad here! 

Wanting other options for changing pads? Check out more designs and colors here! 

Along with crib sheets, a quilt is needed. These muslin quilts are the same material as our muslin swaddles that are so loved but quilts are four layers thick. This size is a perfect warmer blanket  for older babies and toddlers. There are lots of designs to choose from that can be interchanged to keep a minimal and modern nursery look. Shop Mebie Baby Taupe Checkered Muslin Quilt here! 
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An item for the nursery many don't think of? Pillows! Pillows can add so much dimension and style to a nursery. We love getting pillow covers because then they can be changed out to fit different colors as needed. Some of our favorite quality pillow covers are from Woven Nook. Shop Woven Nook Pillow Covers here! 
A clean white lamp helps give contrast to a nursery while keeping things minimal. This white lamp by Studio McGee is a favorite of ours! It has dimmable settings that allow you to set the light to your need. The size works great for anywhere in the nursery and the ceramic body adds just enough texture and style. Shop Studio McGee Ceramic Table Lamp here! 
Vases are another great way to add texture and shapes to a nursery! They are simple, modern and go perfect on the dresser. We prefer these ceramic vases for their quality and elegant look! Shop West Elm Ceramic Vases here! 
A basket with a lid is the perfect addition to any nursery for stuffed animals or blankets. This classic market basket has a rounded shape which breaks up the straight lines of the nursery. These are so unique and made entirely by hand! It is lightweight and sturdy, making it a great choice for the baby's nursery. Shop Lo Jolla Basket here! 
A faux potted plant is classic and adds greenery to the room without the upkeep. Olive trees are even more special because they are a symbol of peace, wisdom, and abundance. Shop West Elm Potted Olive Tree here! 
The cutest stuffed bunny is bound to be a favorite by any baby or toddler. This neutral beige bunny is so soft and irresistibly cute! These are safe from birth as well. Shop Jellycat Beige Bunny here! 
Every young child needs to hear "I love you" as much as possible! What better way than to display it in their room! We love these canvas prints! They bring the entire nursery together and are the perfect neutral looking wall print! Shop I Love You Canvas here! 
One of the fun stages of babies is when they start to recognize themselves in mirrors and smile back at the mirror! Adding a mirror to the nursery, especially by the changing area allows baby to watch themselves in the mirror and to see mom and baby together. This metal framed mirror is oversized for maximum impact and even comes in a few different finishes. Not to mention it is extremely easy to clean! Shop West Elm Oversized Round Mirror here! 
A nursery should fit into your style and make you happy each time you enter the room!