Pack for the Beach!

Pack for the Beach!

Summertime is approaching and that means plenty of days spent at the beach! It is easy to forget everything you need for the beach after a long winter. Let's pack for the beach! 

First on the list- Swimsuits! 

  • For little ones up to 3T, we have the perfect Rash-guard available! Our rash-guards have snaps at the bottom making diaper changes seamless! Rash-guards are the best way to keep babies and toddlers backs and shoulders covered while playing in the water! The cute design and high quality fabric will make for fun and exciting days at the beach!
  • For little boys, we have the cutest swim trunks! Swim shorts come in a sunshine design that will be sure to look good playing at the beach, in the water, and on vacations! These do run big, so sizing down is better. The swim trunks are comfy and  have a working drawstring.

On top of swimsuits, it is good to have a dry outfit for the ride to and from the beach! These Terry Cloth short sets are perfect beach day outfits! They are soft, functional and easy to dress up or down. Both colors of terry cloth short sets look good on girls and boys! 











Another outfit option for beach day is rompers! They are so cute and comfortable. Rompers are good for hot days and a great outfit for going out to eat after the beach. Shop Mebie Baby Rompers here!  

Being in the bright sun all day, even children need sunglasses! We love the Deer Grace sunglasses for babies through young kids! The neutral colors will match any swimsuit, swim cover, and general beach attire. They are comfortable enough your child will want to leave them on! Shop Deer Grace Sunglasses here!

The best sandals for the beach are the ones that are easy to get on, look cute, and the sand doesn't stick to! These Deer Grace leather sandals are perfect for the beach! There are multiple styles to choose from to fit different ages and genders. Plus they can be worn daily with any outfit! Shop Deer Grace Sandals here! 

It is easy to forget the need for hats when in the water, however a hat plus sun shade is so important for those extremely sunny beach days. Having a hat for your little one will help with how often sunscreen needs applied. Access to a sun shade is the best for having babies on the beach and getting out of the sun for short times throughout the day. Shop our favorite hats here! 
Little ones love having their own bag when traveling and going places! Toddlers especially love to have a bag to put their sunglasses, chapstick, snacks, and even seashells on beach days! We love these little bags for toddlers and young children. Shop the Lil Louie Sling Bag from Walker Family Goods here!
If you need a slightly bigger bag for the beach to take extra clothes in, shoes, and towels; we love this bigger bag from Walker Family Goods. It is still a small enough bag for a child to carry, but can fit quite a bit! This bag is also great for traveling through the airport as well as the beach. Shop Mini Arrow Bag here!

When little kids take a break from playing in the water, the first thing they usually grab is a towel! We love the Mebie Baby hooded towels for both babies and toddlers. Hoods on the towels make kids feel more cozy and helps dry their hair fast! Not to mention the material is muslin and so soft. The size makes it so they can be used both at home and at the beach! Shop Mebie Baby Hooded Towels here! 

A midday nap on the beach feel great! They can be needed if you have young babies at the beach. We like having a muslin swaddle with us to wrap them up in. The lightweight fabric will keep them cool enough on hot summer days. There are lots of designs to choose from that makes them great for all ages! Shop Mebie Baby Muslin Swaddles here! 

For a day at the beach you don't want to forget the sunscreen! For babies, toddlers, and children we prefer Sun Bum sunscreen! Their sunscreen is 100% mineral based and not greasy. It protects against UVA and UVB rays. Sun Bum has a few different options for sunscreen which comes in spray, roll-on, regular lotion, and face sticks. Shop Sun Bum Sunscreen here! 

Staying cool can be hard on a beach day, especially for babies and taking naps. We will usually bring a fan with us to keep kids cooled off and to turn on during naps! Shop Fan here! 

Being out in the sun, it is extremely important to stay hydrated! We love the flip straw tumbler in 20 oz size for the little ones! They are perfect size and stay cold all day! Shop Stanley Flip Straw Tumbler here! 

Good quality snack are important when spending the day at the beach! We like to pack snacks with protein such as Jack Links jerky and trail mix. Another summer beach favorite snack is fruit! We go through lots and lots of fruit while outside all day! Coolers with popsicles, sandwiches, fruit, fruit snacks, juice, and waters goes a long ways to make the day better! 

Every little one needs beach toys to make the day more fun! We love these neutral colored beach toys from Amazon! They are easy to clean after and a good variety of toys and sizes for babies through big kids! Shop Beach Toys here! 

We hope this list gives you a starting place for the best beach days ahead!