What's in My Hospital Bag? Baby Edition

What's in My Hospital Bag? Baby Edition

Packing for the hospital doesn't need to be hard or complicated! Check out our favorite hospital bag items for baby! 

The Azaria diaper bag is the perfect size for the hospital! Big enough to fit the necessities but not so big you feel you are bringing in luggage! They have stylish colors in a high quality vegan leather. This bag has plenty of pockets for organizing and the material makes for easy cleaning! Shop the Azaria Diaper Bag here! 

The item most people think about.. the first photo outfit! Mebie Baby's knot gowns are incredibly cute and very convenient for diaper changes! Not to mention how comfy and thought out the knot gowns are with quality fabric and fold over hands. Add a matching Mebie Baby head wrap or knot hat for a simple, yet adorable announcement photo! Shop Mebie Baby Knot Gowns here! 

We are pretty particular on the binkies we support right from the beginning for babies! We love the Ryan and Rose binkies because of their orthopedic nipple and on the plus side the neutral colors go with every outfit. Shop Ryan and Rose binky here! 

Once you've dropped the binky enough, you will learn just how important binky clips are! We love these matching binky clips because of their neutral colors and doubling as a teether! Shop Ryan & Rose binky clip here! 

Baby's comfort is key! Mebie Baby's bamboo swaddles are perfect for a nice, tight swaddle to put a new baby to sleep. They also make for the best photo ops of a cute swaddled newborn baby! These bamboo swaddles are the softest and have matching head wraps and knot hats! Shop Mebie Baby Bamboo Swaddles here! 

We like to bring our own diapers to the hospital! Honest diapers are a great choice for an earth conscious choice that comes in plenty of stylish prints! They are leak proof and super comfy for a new baby! Shop Honest Diapers here! 

Along with diapers, you need wipes! Water wipes are our favorite because there are no fragrances or dyes, making them perfect for newborn sensitive skin! Shop Water Wipes here! 

Baby's skin is so sensitive in the newborn stage and can be pretty dry depending on where you live. We like to pack Tubby Todd Lotion to help baby's skin along! This lotion is hypoallergenic, packed with natural extracts and plant based ingredients. Not to mention, it has been clinically tested by dermatologists and pediatricians! Shop Tubby Todd Lotion here! 

 Another Tubby Todd item we like to have in the hospital bag is their all over ointment! It is a balm perfect for dry skin, rashes, cradle cap, eczema, and sensitive skin. A new baby's skin deserves the best treatment from the beginning! Shop Tubby Todd All Over Ointment here! 

One thing you learn with newborns is there is never ending spit up messes! These Mebie Baby burp cloths are a must! They are a big size making them convenient for spit up or any spills! In the newborn and baby stage, they also can double as the perfect size for a lovey! Shop Mebie Baby Burp Cloths here! 

Going home from the hospital is the best part! These Mebie Baby footie outfits are so comfortable to keep baby warm on the way home! There are lots of colors to choose from to fit any style! Footies are so cute on a newborn baby and paired with a matching head wrap or knot hat make for an easy choice outfit for heading home! Shop Mebie Baby footed outfits here! 

You can shop head wrap and knot hat accessories to pair with outfits here! 

We hope this list helps ease the stress of packing for the hospital when having a baby!