What's in My Hospital Bag? Mom Edition

What's in My Hospital Bag? Mom Edition

When packing the hospital bag for labor, everyone talks about baby essentials but no one talks about mom! Mom's bag is super important too because mom has needs and shouldn't have to be uncomfortable during such a time of laboring and love. Here's our recommendations for mom's hospital bag! 

 A good nursing friendly and comfortable set of pajamas is a must! The hospital gown is only fun to wear for so long! We love sets like these that have buttons for easy access nursing and checkups. These are a relaxed fit so they are sure to feel good on your body after labor! Shop Two Piece Pajama Set here! 

Regular shoes are not easy to put on after labor so we suggest bringing slippers! Climbing in and out of the bed, comfortable slippers are a need! We suggest these Ugg slippers because they are warm and soft but durable to wear on your way home from the hospital. Shop Ugg Slippers here! 

For comfort and nursing, whether it is your first baby or your last baby a good bra during and after labor is so smart to have on hand! We love the seamless nursing bra from Motherhood Maternity! It is soft, supportive and stretches to grow with you. This bra is even soft enough to sleep in! Just what momma needs! Shop Motherhood Maternity Nursing Bra here! 

On the nursing subject, we like to have nursing pads on hand especially as your body is regulating! These Lansinoh nursing pads absorb quite a bit and stay in place. They are pretty comfortable and help with the sensitive nipples in the beginning as well. Shop Lansinoh Nursing Pads here! 

Many insurance companies work with you on covering breast pumps. The Elvie Pump is our personal favorite. It is comfortable, quiet and wireless. You can put this pump directly in your bra so it allows you to continue going about other actions while pumping. Shop Elvie Pump here! 

Elvie Elvie Pump - Double Breast Pump - TheTot

Hospital rooms almost never have plugs in a convenient to you place because there is so much else that is plugged in too. Pack a long phone cable for charging your phone as you update the loved ones in your life and take hundreds of photos of that precious newborn baby! Shop 10 Foot iPhone Charger here! 

With everything going on during and after labor, it is easy to get dehydrated quickly. We recommend bringing a water tumbler that keeps your water ice cold, has an easy handle to grip, and a straw because it's the easiest way to stay hydrated. Shop the Stanley Tumbler here! 

After labor a snack is great to have on hand! We like having snacks with protein so they fill you up better. Those late night hunger cravings can really get you when you are laying there with a baby in the hospital. Shop Jack Links Jerky here! 

It seems as though the worst times to forget chapstick, is when we end up forgetting it! We love using the Laneige lip mask because it can be left on while sleeping and is ultra-hydrating. It delivers antioxidants and intense moisture to keep flakey lips away! Shop Laneige Lip Mask here! 

LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask Berry - Korean Beauty: Let's Face It Australia

That first shower after labor can either be a bit rough or feel invigorating. For us, shower shoes are essential to shower in the hospital! We love these sandals because they are cushioned and comfy but dry relatively fast! Shop Shower Sandals here! 

Getting out of the shower, we love to bring a robe to put on if you'll be staying in the room but want to be comfy. This Barefoot Dreams robe makes you feel as if you are wrapped up in a stylish blanket. Shop Barefoot Dreams Robe here!

Not planning to shower? Bring some dry shampoo to revive your hair and make you feel fresh! This dry shampoo cleans hair by absorbing oil, sweat and odor rather than just masking it! Shop Living Proof Dry Shampoo Here!  

Nothing makes me more comfortable then having my own blanket to snuggle. Not to mention, many hospital rooms are pretty chilly. Our Mebie Baby plush blankets are soft, lightweight, and breathable! Plus they come in stylish colors and multiple sizes! Shop Mebie Baby Plush Blanket here! 

With all of the doctors and nurses coming in and out, its important to have hand sanitizer on hand for yourself! We like to put some on if we've handled any items or our phone before touching our baby again! This Honest Hand Sanitizer Spray is quick drying and doesn't leave your hands feeling sticky. Plus it is free of fragrance and gentle. Shop Honest Hand Sanitizer Spray here! 

This is just a basic list, be sure to add to your hospital bag with anything else mom needs to feel stress free are the hospital!