Why We Love Our Knot Gowns

Why We Love Our Knot Gowns

Looking for the perfect solution to late night diaper changes? Our buttery soft, cotton knot gowns are here for you! With so many amazing features in the cutest prints and colors, they are sure to be your new favorite baby basic. 

Our knot gowns come in 3 different prints:

These 3 different styles offer a variety of different choices for you and your baby to be as happy as you can be! And with so many options for Knot Gowns, you can mix and match with any of our Knot Hats or Head Wraps

Our Mebie Baby Knot Gowns offer so many features that make your late night diaper changing a breeze! Here are some of the top things we love about our Knot Gowns:

  1. Fold over hand mittens to keep your little one safe from scratches and little hands toasty warm. 
  2. Two button snaps that make dressing your newborn quick and easy! 
  3. Finally our favorite feature - our bottom tie! Our Knot Gowns are designed to help you get as much sleep as possible. With an easy bottom tie, you have easy access to your newborn’s diaper. No more haggling with zippers and buttons, to make you and your baby the happiest you can be!